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Adidas Store

Everything was done with a 3D model, I wanted to present my quality mod to you, you can join my Discord and buy special mods to support me.

-|If you couldn’t do the annotation setup, watch the Video(Videolu Kurulum) İnstallation!:

-Modlarımın daha fazlasını görmek istiyorsanız Discord kanalıma katılın!(If you want to see more of my mods, join my Discord channel!)

@IMPORTANT!:If you want a FiveM compatible mouth animated special pad, just join my Discord server and send a message.(ÖZEL MOD İSTİYORSANIZ Discord Sunucuma katılıp Mesaj ATIN)!



1.Install Menyoo and make sure it is working for you.

2.mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpchristmas2\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\props\v_christmas_tree.rpf,”v_christmas_tree.ytyp”edit and”Liste”Open notepad and copy the text in it.

3.”Click on the beginning of the arrow symbol, press ‘ENTER’ and paste the text you copied using 2 spaces,and Save

4.Put the file you just downloaded into your GTA5/MenyooStuff/Spooner folder. Ingame, open Menyoo and load the map.

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