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Strawberry Gardens

VerpiMoDz Strawberry Gardens

Welcome to a new free release! Let me introduce you to my new map “Strawberry Gardens”

Quick Description about the mod:
“Strawberry Gardens” is the new name of the newly constructed
Park area with a gas station which is seperated by a custom road with traffic nodes.
The Park offers a wide range of opportunities for Players no matter
if in FiveM or in the working Singleplayer Version. This is a high-quality
map made entirely in Blender and Codewalker.

-A completely new Legion Square area
-Great performance
-Removed old LODs
-Custom LOD Lights
-Perfect amount of new vegetation which gives the city new colour
-A custom-made Park with many green areas, bushes and trees
-Working stairs with appropriate collision and custom railings
-A little Plaza area with a coffee van, chairs and tables
-Benches in the park for seating oppourtunities
-Custom made fur grass
-Custom made scenarios which makes the map busier
-Custom Road with new traffic nodes
-Other half of the Area is a new gas station
-Custom Car generators
-Evenly spread out trash
-Huge amount of attention on small details
-And much more!

Installation Singleplayer:

Step 1: move the “strawberry_gardens_verpi” into mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\

Step 2: add this line in mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml


Step 3: move the “downtown.ymt” from the “peds” folder into


Step 4: copy the x64g.rpf into your mods folder if you haven’t already!

Step 5: delete “ng_proc_cigpak01c.ydr” in


Join my Discord if you want for additional free maps and support!

Quick Info: The LOD Lights were removed but are still visible in the video. It’s a R* Editor thing, they are not in-game.

For the FiveM installation instructions and other important notes check out the ReadMe!


Credits and special thanks to following:

OfficerFox for creating the preview!!
DANIX for his HUGE help to make this map Singleplayer compatible
skylumz for Sollumz
dexyfex for Codewalker (RPF Explorer)
meimeiriver for his Fivem Port map template
OpenIV Team Team for OpenIV
ook_3D for his great tutorials

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