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1982 Redline BMX knock-off

Times are tough, originals are expensive and rare so next best option is get a knock-off.
Authentic knock-off no original parts used.
Works as good as an original but looks trash in comparison
You get what you pay for.

Recommended handling:
Pro BMX Mod 2.0

Disclaimer: I’m no modder I just tweaked the default BMX. Feel free to do whatever. Shoutout to the creators for my modified Franklin you know who you are.

1.3 update
– More accurate handlebars
– Misc details added
– Color changing tires and frame for bmx82r
– Install instructions now in dlc

1.2 update
– Fixed B-side version rim texture glitch

1.1 update
– Misc fixes
– Addon version
– B-side version

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