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1984 Jeep Cherokee

Link to original model by Hilux5577:

Special thanks to Hilux5577 for providing this model unlocked and approving all edits! Thank you! 1st things 1st….THIS IS NOT PERFECT….but it is fun. I am still learning, especially with textures so 2 drawbacks are that the tires always look like they have dirt on them and bumper extra spawns purple and can only be changed to chrome. AGAIN….I’m new…I’m still figuring this out. Outside of those flaws the truck is really fun to drive offroad or period. As I learn more I will update this model with more.

All parts were sourced from random GTAV vehicles with the exception of the wheels and subwoofer. These parts were sourced from a commission that I purchased. And as stated above the original model came from Hilux5577.

extras: snorkel(from original model), front bumper with working fog lights, led light bar, subwoofers, spare tire

I’ve also moved the neons to inside the Jeep. Since the original model was provided unlocked I’m doing the same so you can add your own improvements. 🙂

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