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2007 Ford Focus ST

This MOD is Replace and FiveM Ready!

This is a Ford Focus ST which i put together with many RS mods for Gta5, This can Be used in FiveM or Singleplayer.

== LINKS ==
My Discord:

== Replace ==
To install the replace version of this car, go to
and drag and drop all the files in this folder in there.

Plan to Create a Interior for This Vehicle, Will update when ready.

== Features ==
Windows Shatter
All Lights work as they should
Custom Exhuast
RS Wing
RS Hood Vents
ST Wheels [Wheels Colour Customisation]
Brake Callipers [Secondary Colour Customisation]

== Credits ==
GTA4 Model: nikitoss
Convert: Kllevo
RS MODS: Assetto Corsa

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