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2008 Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640-4 Roadster

You pay hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly to charities in the name of protecting endangered animal species to launder your hard-earned criminal cash but pretending to care is hard and boring, now its time for a change, time to protect a real endangered specie with a big naturally aspirated V12, enjoy the open air while looking richer than you actually are ( not that anyone would look at you at the presence of this car anyway),, time to get yourself a murcielago LP640-4 roadster.
money laundering has never been this fun!

convert, edit, and settings: NAVZAHED
model: NFS HP, FM4, FH3 CSR2 (.CSB) (

special thanks to Bisonsales and zolika for AO and vehfuncsV


-vehfuncsV for windscreen wipers, side vents, and auto spoiler
– HQ interior with standard features
– HQ exterior with baked AO and high-quality materials
– and other cars’ standard features such as working doors and lights and working steering wheel and etc…

vehfuncsV config was added 🙂

–car has no LOD and i don’t recommend opening the engine bay door because it has problems as no appropriate model was available for that section

you can spawn the car using ” murc640r ” ID

for vehfuncsV functions to work you need this mod:

I hope you enjoy
happy driving!

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