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2022 Devel Sixteen

2022 Devel Sixteen

Original base model from CSR2 converted for GTA V by Me [HAMMER76]

The Devel Sixteen prototype is a sports car designed in the United Arab Emirates by Devel Motors. Devel Motors claims it is the fastest car in the world.

This vehicle was very time-consuming do to its very many parts. Detailed and fully textured by me.

Considered to keep it to myself, then decided to release it to the public because that’s what I do.

Car Features:
Detailed Interior
Reflective Mirrors
All lights work.
Working Steering Wheel
Paintable Body
Hands on Wheel
Changeable Wheels

2 Different paint options.
1 is for the upper body of car.
2 is for lower body of car, the carbon part.
Endless combinations of colors.

Install instructions provided in download.

devel folder goes to:


Edit dlclist.xml

Add the line dlcpacks:/devel/
to the dlclist and save then exit.

SPAWN: devel

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