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2022 Lamborghini Huracan Evo 2


Conversion: KuhKaashi
Screenshots: KuhKaashi, Swags


HQ model
Perfect Dials
All normal game features
Download this sound mod for the car’s in-game audio: V10 Engine Sound by TheAdmiester.
Add-On & FiveM


Please inform me on discord if you find any.


(7.240 MB) evo2.yft
(13.821 MB) evo2.ytd
(7.240 MB) evo2_hi.yft

Report any bugs here.

Installation instructions inside the package.


Add the following line in dlclist.xml (located in update – update.rpf – common – data)


Copy the evo2 folder into update – x64 – dlcpacks.

Spawn the vehicle via model name evo2


For previews, WIPs, suggestions, and requests, join my Discord server.

Donations are appreciated but not expected (helps me pay for ZModeler licenses and other related stuff)

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