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Arcade-Realism Handling

Note: As I tune cars using a controller, this mod is works best when having finer controls like a controller or wheel, rather than using the keyboard.

Update 0.973: I’m crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s on all vehicles. Over 200 vehicles received tweaks. all Off-Road, Open Wheel, Sedan, Service and Sports vehicles have received what will probably be their final tweaks.
I also fixed an issue with traction on snow with some cars. Issue found by Hydraxonn. User berkohn found issues with the Police Cruiser. Its handling is better, but honestly, that car’s always been an SOAB.

I’ve worked for over 1,200 hours on modifying every single land vehicle in GTA V, including DLC vehicles. I’m trying to find a nice balance between more realistic vehicle behaviour, and a fun/arcade style of driving. I sincerely hope you find this mod enjoyable.

– Pretty much every changeable value has been edited. Mass, top speeds, acceleration, grip, suspension, drag and downforce, …
– Vehicles have slightly less grip and breaking force, but still enough to be fun to drive.
– Completely reworked the suspension. When upgrading suspension, most cars will receive stiffer springs and more traction.
– Crashes and accidents cause a bit more damage. If you don’t like this, I recommend you buy armour for your vehicle.
– Vehicles have a better sense of weight to them.
– Removed ABS from older cars. Later vehicles from around the ’90s have it as an option (Get in a Blista Compact and find out!).
– Cars like the Adder can reach 400 plus km/h, similar to their real life counterparts. In fact, all cars have speeds closer to their real-life counter parts.
– Some more advanced vehicle settings that were only possible after later GTA updates have been applied to vehicles from before those updates.
– So much more… I even added some hidden features in there. (Let me know if you think you’ve found one!)

Use OpenIV to replace the handling.meta file in mods/update/update.rpf/common/data folder. Make a back-up if you want to.

Since all vehicle files are in one file, GTA V can crash loading in so many vehicles. To easily fix this, I recommend using Delapidated’s config file mod, and the three others he suggested:

More coming soon!

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