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Blaine County Sheriff’s Department Pack

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11John11 & Co. Mods

My own take on a law enforcement agency for Blaine County, featuring various highly polished and optimized vehicles with brand new assets, peds and more.

This pack includes:

– BCSD Scout – bcsheriffscout
– BCSD Alamo – bcsheriffalamo
– BCSD Bison – bcsheriffbison
– BCSD Yosemite – bcsheriffyos
– BCSD Riot – bcsheriffswat
– BCSD Frogger – bcsheriffheli
– BCSD Wintergreen – bcsheriffb

– BCSD Deputy – s_m_y_bcsheriff_01
– BCSD Female Deputy – s_f_y_bcsheriff_01
– BCSD Motor Deputy – s_m_y_bcsheriffb_01
– BCSD SWAT – s_m_y_bcsheriffswat_01

– Building retextures to turn the LSSD stations into BCSD ones
– Cargen edits to have the right vehicles spawning at the stations
– EUP content
– Optional alternative liveries in a slightly different style (see last 2 pics)

Instructions for the installation are included in the ReadMe

Before you start with the installation make sure you have a good gameconfig and it’s requirements installed:

Custom Gameconfig
Heap Limit Adjuster
Packfile Limit Adjuster


11john11 – assembly, lightbar, console, antennas, vehicle mapping, pushbar wraparound, Alamo improvements, LED modules, building retextures, screenshots, ped edits, liveries, sirensettings, handling edits, ALPR polycount optimizations, anything else not mentioned in the credits
AlexanderLB, Stryfaar – 2D assets, original concept
Nacho/Nachtfliege – Yosemite fixes, spotlights, LED modules, partition, holster model
w/ – Wintergreen model, speed radar, LED modules, Halogen modules, helicopter FLIR and spotlight
GCT – Scout, Yosemite, original short Granger model
Thundersmacker – improved Bison model
Dani02- conversion of the Scout, Yosemite and improved Bison to V
Vx5 Voltage- Scout improvements
IlayArye – Alamo, improved Yosemite
Voit Turyv – LED modules
Skitty – siren controller, ALPRs
RooST4R – wheel models, fixed Bison grille normals
Stryfaar, Vx5 Voltage, Olanov, Custo, Unmutual – ped assets
Fenton – Riot improvements
Jacobmaate – cut Alamo bumper
Allen – center cap for the Scout rims
RED-ITA – cargens, feedback
Crizby – MDC screen
Alex Ashfold – original EUP textures, radio retexture
Eddlm – handlings
Crunchycat – screenshots
UkeyS – screenshots
PNWParksFan – the amazing LiveLights plugin, which helped with development a lot.

Terms of Use

– Do not put content of this pack on multiplayer servers without crediting.

– Do not exploit content of this pack for commercial, financial or personal gain,

– Do not reupload this file to other websites.

– If you intent on using assets made by me:
feel free to use them for your projects as long as credits are given and other terms of use are respected.

– If you intent on using assets from this pack that weren’t made by me:
Please ask the authors yourself to ensure they are alright with that.

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