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Bravado Buffalo FK

Bravado Buffalo5 Funkstar edition ( yeah, it is what think it is)

this is how it should be , with V8 engine not some lame battery

This is gta , our fires burn bright , especially in the trash battery that keep people boring ,or after a riot because there’s a terrible update , gta is hurting , we’re at each other’s throats , wondering if this game can ever come back from abyss

Bravado , united we stand , together we fall

Installation instructions:
1.put “missile” folder in to Grand Theft Auto V/update/x64/dlcpacks

2.use OPENIV edit “dlclist”file(update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist)

3.put this line , in to the “dlclist”(dlcpacks:missile/)

4.may need “gameconfig.xml” and “GTAV HeapAdjuster.ASI” (if the game faild to loading , or crash)both could be found in GTA5-MODS

Functional supercharger
A new tyre fit the car
new handling
some rear bumper is not fiting to the new extaust (WIP)

R star (Stability testing, improvement suggestions)
FMTR-WORKSHOP (Stability testing , video production)

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