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Brute Enforcer Classic


Today I bring my Brute Enforcer Classic.

I have spent many weeks working on this model but i am no longer able to continue.

So i am releasing it public for anyone to map/fix/edit at will.


Some issues…

Texture issues

no bullet holes

no window break

No Mapping. (livery)

Vehicle Lights Issue (All lights stay fully lit such as break and reverse whn they should be off.

Handling. (could do with better handlingt TBH)

Maybe other issues?

There are all files including Textures and the .z3d file

i have made it stable and functional in-game and have provided a replace and add-on version for people who just want to play around with it in-game.

Other than that i cant really say much else.

Hopefully someone out there will pick this up and make it better.

There are ReadMe’s for both Add-On and Replace files included. Easy Peasy.


Original Model – Rockstar Games
GTA IV Conversion – OnePiece, Spartan112
GTA V Conversion – Ali Mc
Texture Conversion – Ali Mc
Model Edits & Fixes – Ali Mc

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