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Chrysler New Yorker 1971

Chrysler New Yorker 1971. A classic vehicle! Have been converting this vehicle since April 3rd, 2023. Finally, today I was working on it and now I am going to release it. You are wondering why I wasn’t uploading since the Aries is because I am getting tired of making mods I know there a lot plenty of mods that I have that need to be fixed and upload, but I have now the energy to upload some mods I have been working. So tune up for the next oneā€¦

Original model: Ghost
GTA IV convert: Mikeyboy242424
screenshots by: Mikeyboy242424
handling and optimizing DLC by Mikeyboy242424


Working lights
Seat’s perfectly
Working doors

Glass can’t be broken. But it will fix in an update.

Version 1.0
Contains detailed instructions for the Add-On and Replace versions.

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