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Declasse Alamo 2600LS

It’s shorter than a Granger, less imposing than a Granger, and it doesn’t even let you hang off the sides like a lobotomized ape straight out of Humane Labs. So why w ould one buy an Alamo? Well, why do the powers that be keep waging meaningless wars? Or why is Sprunk only available in vending machines? Some questions are better left unanswered.

as for now the modkit is disabled, I will add it later on.


Changelog :

1.0 = release

1.0.1 = fixed content.xml & rear right window on L2


Installation guide in a readme file in the archive.

• Template rendered in 4K include inside the .zip package
• Glass shards
• All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, all LODs etc.


Rockstar Games – original vehicle.
MMT – Granger conversion to SWB.
IlayArye – Conversion.
Nacho – Model improvements, various bug fixing.
Monky – Glass Shards.
Fenton – UV Mapping.
AlexanderLB – Alamo badges.
Eddlm – custom handling.
!Mycrystals – Description.
ukeyS – screenshots.

-If you want to modify the model or reupload it somewhere else, make sure to contact me via forums.
-Do not attempt making a profit off this model in any way.

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