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Declasse Alamo TRU pack

add an unmarked version
add 2 new Alamo
(Those two old alamo assets are very outdated (almost a year), but I have no motivation to update them)

!!! NOTE !!!
– If your emergency light doesn’t work or they’re in the wrong place,this is because they conflict with other mod you install. Use SirenSetting Limit Adjuster
– If the game crashes during the loading screen. Use Gameconfig
– Please don’t ask me for help if you’re using FiveM. I’m not using FiveM so I don’t know how to solve it.

1. copy the ‘trualamo’ folder to the file path “mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/”
2. open OpenIV, navigate to ‘dlclist.xml’ in “mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/”. Add “< Item>dlcpacks:/trualamo/< /Item>”

Spawn name:

– Rockstar Games – original Car Model
– GCT – short granger model
– MMT – Granger2 conversion to SWB
– IlayArye – modified Alamo; UV mapping and templating; Alamo2 conversion
– TheF3nt0n – mapped Alamo2
– Nachtfliege – wraparound pushbar; trunk organizer; spotlight; cage; Alamo2 model improvements, various bug fixing
– Monkeypolice188 – Alamo2 Glass Shards
– Vx5 Voltage – police toughbook model; police console model improvements
– Voit Turyv – dashcam
– 11john11 – Alamo2 wheels; visor lightbar; improved interior console
– Bozza – Alamo front bumper light covers, rear seat edits.
– Glennoconnel – Granger parts for trunk edits and taillight setup
– Jacobmaate – LEDs model and texture, boot model edit
– Eddlm – Alamo2 custom handling
– Skitty – Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model
– AlexanderLB – Alamo2, BuffaloS and Landroamer badges, wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture
– actuallyTOXIC – modified Alamo to PPV
– SAS994 – light setup; edit Alamo2 grille; Alamo2 cage; Alamo2 siderunner lightbar

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