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Declasse Granger 3600-LX Improved

My second public release.
A improved version of the original Declasse Granger 3600-LX. The edits cover all L0-L4.

— Bigger and wider brake disk for the original wheel.
— Wrong axis for all calipers, the brake disk won’t go through the middle of it.
— Caliper is too small for custom brake disk.
— Missing texture on the front fog light.
— The rear wheel arch went through the boot’s interior.

— Front Daytime LED.
— Paintable Wheels, thinner tyre wall to fit those huge calipers.
— Functional extra lights.

— 1.0 Initial release
— 1.1 Update:
— Adjust the weird triangle break out near the headlight.
— Adjust the wheel size.
— Raise the suspensions also make the rear end higher, the original one seems a bit sink on the rear.
— New carvariations, now all color has same silver wheels.

Rockstar Games: Model and vehicle components

Known Bug:
If you tune the roof, the light bar on it will only show two of the four coronas.

To install this car:
— Paste the ‘dlc_granger2i’ folder to mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks
— Edit dlclist.xml (mods > update > update.rpf > common > data > dlclist.xml)
— Add this line: “dlcpacks:\dlc_granger2i\” at the end

You need at least The Contract DLC to use this mod.
Spawn name: granger2i.
DO NOT use this model on GTAOnline!
You get auto permission using it on your fiveM server, but you need to tell me before
doing that.

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