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Dodge Viper TA – ACR – FH5 Anniversary Edition

Dodge Viper TA – ACR – FH5 Anniversary Edition [Add-On] [Tuning] [Liveries] [FiveM]

Model: Turn 10 Studios (FH4-5) – Ubisoft/Ivory Tower (The Crew 2) – Slightly Mad Studios (Project CARS 3)

– DMN from the GamemodelsCommunity (extracting the original 3d assets.)
– Sierra (converting and setting up entire vehicle and its textures in blender and then zmodeler3)

Version 1.1 – Fixed and added Single Player support
Version 1.2.5 – Fixed the Anniversary Edition and GTS hood mods not having polygons inside. And single player support
Version 1.3 – Fixed the glass not breaking, single player tuning and made it so the license plate is not an extra.

Single Player:
Using OpenIV
-Copy texviper folder in mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
-Add: dlcpacks:\texviper\ to the file dlclist.xml in mods\update\update.rpf\common\data
-Spawn name: texviper


Copy folder texviper inside ‘fivem’ to your server resources folder, add “start texviper” to your server.cfg
spawn name: texviper

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