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Dominator [Add-On / FiveM | Template]

Hello everyone !
I’ve improved a bit on Dominator, which is already pretty good. The interior design of the car has been rearranged according to Ford Mustang, so it looks more attractive now!

Looking forward to your ideas!

Features of the car:

• HQ Exterior
• HQ Interior
• Custom Steeringwheel
• Hands on the Steeringwheel
• Working Dials
• Breakable Glasses
• Interior Special Lighting
• Vibrating and Running Engine
• All Damage Textures Working
• Livery Support
• 2K – 4K – 8K Template

▪▪ Base Model: Rockstar Games Original Vehicle Model

———————— How to Install for FiveM?

Open the Fivem Ready Folder that comes when you download it and follow the steps:
1. Place ‘dominator’ folder to ”resources”
2. Edit config.cfg or server.cfg
3. Add this line to ”ensure dominator”
4. Save.
5. Start your server.

———————— How to Install for SP?
Open the SP Folder that comes when you download it and follow the steps:
1. Place ‘dominator’ folder to mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
2. Edit ‘dlclist.xml’ from mods/update/update.rpf/common/data
3. Add this line to dlcpacks:/dominator/
4. Save.
5. Spawn the vehicle via model name dominator


• Please do not try to unlock the file using any cracking method. The file is locked for a reason. Please get my permission to access the sources of the file.

◦ This car is created by 5MCustom.
◦ The sale of this car is strictly prohibited.
◦ Please keep us informed about car-related content.

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