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Emperor Vectre Edits

Hey yall. Everyone loves the Tuners update right? Two Porches, an M2, a 370z without a lip spoiler option? Yeah, but for real, great update that was. Anyway, the Vectre is of course based on the Lexus RC F. Only thing is, the RC F has an active spoiler. Now this edit here doesn’t add that dynamic spoiler in. That’s beyond my care (and my skillset). What it does add is a carbon roof antenna to eliminate that clash the vanilla body coloured antenna has with the carbon roof. It’s the little things right?
Another edit I made with my 2 minutes of zModeler3 knowledge is de-carboned the Carbonic Z rims in LSC to match the RC F Track’s rims. The inner portion is now a solid black with a lip around the rims being the wheel colour. I like it 🙂
Also on the list of niche edits, I edited the Arrow spoiler to more resemble the RC F Track Edition wing.
Last thing I’ve done was edit the Carbon Stock Hood to have the hood vent trim be solid black as opposed to the secondary colour. This, of course, is to fall in line with the RC F Track Edition hood. All of these edits are real botch jobs. Quick 5 mins in zModeler and throw onto the mods site kinda botch job ya know? So I expect it to work, I don’t expect it to be the prettiest.

Anywho, drop vectre_hi.yft and vectre.yft in mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mptuner\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles\mptuner.rpf

put vtc_bon_1a.yft & vtc_sp_7.yft in

lastly install wheel_hiend_17w.ydr in

Shoutsouts to 13Stewartc for his zModeler3 tutorials on YouTube.
Credits to POPOPOLICE for the black Emperor vehicle badge you see in the screens. It’s not included in this mod, but I recommend yall take a look at it. It really cleans up the look of the car.

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