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Fictional PBPD Buffalo STX

PBPD Bravado Buffalo STX
Another vehicle made for my private use but I’d like to share with you folks.
Now you’ll have a brand new Buffalo with a magnificent “Fedsig Vision SLR-like” lightbar ! If you have DLS, take a look at the stunning 3 light stages and out of vehicle stage…

This vehicle is made of Nacho’s STX, some spare parts & is mainly inspired by SAS994 PBPD pack.

Bonus : If you have the SAS994 PBPD pack installed, I added the same livery as my STX for the polbuffaloc, poltorrencec and polscoutc.
Note : I will not make custom patterns for the SLR lightbar.
Note2 : I will not add my edits & fixes to any other vehicle of the SAS994 pack.

—- Installation instructions —-
1) Drop “pbpdc2” folder in MODS/update/x64/dlcpacks
2) Add dlcpacks:/pbpdc2/ in MODS/update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml
3) OPTIONNAL (if you have DLS) : Drop pbpdc2.xml in plugins/DLS/ folder
4) Launch the game and spawn the car with its name “polbuffaloc2” !

—- DLS and siren —-
This vehicle works fine with DLS, using the provided polbuffaloc2.xml

—- Changelog —-
1.4 : Finally updated front/rear bumpers with the latest ones from Nacho Buffalo SX. Also added the new engine model & inverted tail/brake rear lights like on Nacho model. Some little edits on the livery to match the new rear bumper. Screenshots NOT updated.

1.3.0 : Replaced rear windscreen blue/red leds with blue/Red reverse lights. (visible on some screenshots)
1.2.2 : Fixed rear plate light position
1.2.1 : Front daytime lights now working during day. Also added front indicators. Thanks Officer Failz.
1.2 : Added the correct Buffalo STX sexy engine sound ! Thanks F5544 for the tip
1.1.2 : Fixed flickering on SLR white leds while moving.
1.1.1 : Added 2 ALPR on the trunk, Remap UV some of the leds on pushbar & rear leds, also some remap on the SLR emissives to use different texture & better appearance.
1.0 : initial version also called “made with love a little in the rush, but should be good to go”

—- Credits —-
Nacho for his nice STX Bravado Buffalo model
Jacobmaate for the pushbar, dashcam
Vx5 Voltage for the Toughbook model
SAS994 for the SLR spec lightbar
Officer Failz for the front head & daytime lights
Pumpk1in – PBPD laptop screen texture, improved DLS config, pimped MPH900 (power cord remade from scratch, added lazy LODs & edited texture)
TomCat8492 for the original MPH900
Sorry if I forgot anyone : tell me and I’ll add it asap
Please, keep those credits if you reuse my work for any other release.

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