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Gold Coast Public Safety

Do you want all the prestige and equipment of an LEO, with a quarter of the powers, and ten times the amount of paperwork if you discharge your firearm? Then Gold Coast Public Safety may be the job for you! Once only seen in Blaine County and Paleto Bay, an uptick in car thefts, indecent exposures and public hate for the homeless has enabled GCPS to now patrol a plethora of private properties all throughout Los Santos County. Want to risk your life protecting defunct strip malls in Davis? Now you can! Want to be bored out of your mind running code to 20+ properties across the city just to shine a spotlight down an empty alley? Now you can! With a ten-year old fleet of retired Del Perro Police cruisers fitted with last year’s top of the line equipment; you can almost call yourself a fully-fledged police officer! (Until the real cops show up to charge you for putting a homeless woman in handcuffs) So sign up today, spend your life savings on ridiculously excessive gear you’ll never use, and ride around in style until the 200,000 miles on your Stanier finally catches up with it!



Without these you may experience game crashes or glitched lights.


Dynamic Lighting System:

This mod is a lore-friendly vehicle pack aimed to be an accurate representation of South Coast Public Safety in the Anaheim and Los Angeles County Area

The spawn codes for the included vehicles are as follows:

gcstanier – Bomb Detection K-9 Stanier
gcstanier2 – Patrol Stanier

Both vehicles include spotlights in the up and down variant, unique stage lighting for both vehicles, along with a working traffic advisor and scene lighting. (Requires DLS for working stage lighting, traffic advisor, and scene lighting. Configs along with instructions are included in download)



Rockstar Games – Base Vapid Stanier models
Jacobmaate – Model improvements, fixes, compilation, 09-11 steel rims
actuallyTOXIC – Model improvements, paintable interior, mapping, customization option compilation, rim edits, Reverse lights edits
OfficerUnderwood – 98-08 SAP style door trim
Vx5 Voltage – Paintable interior textures
11john11 – old center caps
Crizby – Bug testing
Doutis – Bug testing


ActuallyToxic: Center Console, Traffic advisor controller, Radio, Spotlights, Pushbar, Mirror LED modules, Dome light, Lorified Liberty I and II lightbars, Kabel Partition

11john11: Antennas, MDT

Jacobmaate: Dashcam, K-9 Equipment

Argg: Liveries, 2D Assets, Signs, EUP, MDT screen

Rockwl: Vehicle Assembly, DLS Configs, DLC Pack Assembly, Carcols, Custom Ymap, Screenshots


– Do not reupload this pack on any other website without permission

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