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Grotti Deimos

Grotti Deimos GTS (based on the Ferrari 348/F355)

Myself – 3D modelling, porting
SilentSoul21 – Design sketch, Badges
Boywond – Wheel model
LamboFreak – Sounds
daerius – Race Wing & Krieger Wing
Torqy – Mapping
Skysder – Spawn colours
Eddlm – Handling
13Stewartc – Guidance
JojiTX, Sirocc, myself – Photos

1.0 – Initial release

– headlights and high beams don’t break

Installation instructions:
1. drop ‘deimos’ folder in mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
2. add this line ‘dlcpacks:/deimos/’ in dlclist.xml

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