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Handling for Aston DB11 Cyrus

Handling for Aston DB11 Cyrus

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Test drive the car without using my car settings then run the car with the car settings. Feel the difference that my custom car parameters make, ensuring that you will have the most objective comments when experiencing the car. Some parameters are increased by me than the real thing, so my customization will give the car more power than real life.

– Speed max = 250mph – 335mph
– Acceleration 0-100 mph: 1.8 – 2.2 seconds.
Install :
2.Go to OpenIV and press Edit mode
3.Download the car from GTA5mods :
4.You download the car models from item three then extract the downloads, convert the oiv files to rar, when finished, go to the rar file to get the dlc file and open it on openiv..
5.We move on the following folders : dlcpacks>cyrus>common>data> and replace handling.meta

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