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Handling Styles for LMTLS’s BMW M8 Prior Design

Yo yo, sorry bout the wait,
I’m back with another handling revision, err, two of them, one deals with fighting and racing through LS traffic, and the other is an art style that originated from Japan. I kinda didn’t achieve what I wanted from the drift handling mod, but it still came out decently either way i think, and the street racer one has a bit of understeer, but I’m finally back in after months of the inability to launch the game.
I want to improve it, but don’t know where to start…

To install, launch OpenIV, navigate to:
mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks > bmwm8 > dlc.rpf > common > data
And then drag one of the provided handling.meta files I gave you into OpenIV to replace the old file.

Feedback is always appreciated!
You can re-upload this file anywhere but please make sure to credit me.

To download LMTLS’s BMW M8 Prior Design, visit here:

I highly recommend ikt’s InversePower mod which you can download here:

If you want to be able to park a car with the wheel turned at an angle like I did in the screenshots, then download MrGTAmodsgerman’s Fix Wheel Turn Back mod here:

Do you want to take screenshots at various angles like I have in the pictures, then download jedijosh920’s Ingame Screenshot mod here:

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