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JDM Plates Pack

JDM Plates Pack [5 PLATES] by Johnny Cybernetic
Background picture taken by discord user morao0014 [game – GT7]

. EMF –
. AddonPlates (51 plate slots) –

. Extract my mod using 7-zip or WinRAR.
. Install EMF mod properly.
. Open Addon Plates mod (linked above) and take only the carcols.ymt and vehshare.ytd files from that mod.
. Place the carcols.ymt file here – [update.rpf>x64>data]
. Now head over to [mods>update>x64>dlcpacks>EMF>dlc.rpf>x64>vehshare.rpf] and place vehshare.ytd here.
. Open the vehshare.ytd file and replace whichever plate you want to replace.
. After adding the plates, click on “Save” and you’re done.

Enjoy the new plates in your game!

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