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Karin Rebel Utility Pickup

Karin once thought, why don’t we make a vehicle that is virtually indestructible? something you can drive on any terrain, that car survive salt water, mud, crashes, a brit banging it with a hammer, anything. So they did come out with the Rebel, and after seeing how all those country folks lifted their trucks, they considered a lower, RWD pickup truck for the common work class and your everyday repairman. They only needed to remove the suspension and AWD capabilities of their successful Rebel Sport, and change the name to Rebel Utility, god bless the rebranding.

This is a minipack consisting of 2 Rebel Sport pickups made by Dani02, but with a more utility oriented theme, complete with liveries, colors and extras. Is just a small thing I had there covered in dust so why not share it with everyone. Bear in mind, spawning the utility rebel using a trainer will not spawn it with the correct color and livery combinations I coded in the carvariations file.


-rebelservice: Rebel Utility with public works liveries and lights
-rebelutility: Rebel Utility with production and private contractor liveries


-Drag or Import the mod folder into your mods/update/x64/dlcpacks folder
-Add the entry “neo_rebelutil” into your mods/update/update.rpf/data/dlclist.xml file using OPENIV


-Release version


-Thundersmacker, GCT: Model ported to IV
-Dani02: Model ported to V
-Fenton: Mapped model and resource
-Rockstar Games: Construction props
-Weeby, Voltage, 11john11: MX7000 Lightbar
-Nacho, Weeby: rear bed toolbox
-Voit: wheel choice and advice
-neogeo39, TheGoldenRetriever19: liveries
-Monkeypolice, Fenton: inspiration for service liveries
-TheSecretPower: Schlott logo
-AlexanderLB: Other logos
-Lorehub team: Testing and advice

-Do not reupload anywhere else/modifiy/use in FiveM
-Do not exploit the contents of this modification for commercial, financial or personal gain or under any paywall/payment/premium package or monetization
-If I forgot someone on the credits please send private message
-If siren doesn’t work change their ID or use this Script

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