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Lamborghini Urus

Hello everyone 👋
As Q-Custom, we made the Lamborghini Urus car more useful.

The original Lamborghini Urus is a premium luxury crossover SUV model manufactured by Lamborghini since 2018. We have made this model suitable for Offroad. Thanks to the specially produced tires and suspension system, we can move easily in rough areas, as well as making some additions to the car so that it can accommodate up to 8 people. In this way, Lamborghini Urus ceases to be just an Offroad car. It became a raid car that quickly became popular with the LSPD and Gangs in Los Santos and Plato.

Details about the QCustom Lamborghini Urus:

Features of the car:

• HQ Exterior
• HQ Interior
• HQ Doorsills
• Custom Steeringwheel
• Working Steeringwheel Dials
• Hands on the Steeringwheel
• Working Dials
• Breakable Glasses
• Interior Special Lighting
• Vibrating and Running Engine
• All Damage Textures Working
• Livery Support
• 8 Seater

▸ FiveM & SP Ready

▪ Base Model: CSR2
▪ Conversion : by Q Custom
▪ Transfer : by Q Custom

QCustom Lamborghini Urus :

◦ qcurus.yft | 11.206 KB
◦ qcurus_hi.yft | 11.206 KB
◦ uses MiB | 23.80 MiB
◦ qcurus.ytd | 10.492 KB
◦ Polygons | 381.035
◦ Verticals | 345.211

Credits | Thanks :

▸ Some parts of the car : Generic Car Parts (Z3 Resource) 2.0 by @AuthorSaulAlan
▸ The unique Handling setting of the car : Specially created by DONRICO™.
▸ Giving the idea of the car being 8 seater: -DD & Maestro

———————— How to Install for FiveM?

Open the Fivem Ready Folder that comes when you download it and follow the steps:
1. Place ‘urus’ folder to ”resources”
2. Edit config.cfg or server.cfg
3. Add this line to ”ensure urus”
4. Save.
5. Start your server.

———————— How to Install for SP?
Open the SP Folder that comes when you download it and follow the steps:
1. Place ‘urus’ folder to mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
2. Edit ‘dlclist.xml’ from mods/update/update.rpf/common/data
3. Add this line to dlcpacks:/urus/
4. Save.
5. Spawn the vehicle via model name qcurus



• Please do not try to unlock the file using any cracking method. The file is locked for a reason. Please get my permission to access the sources of the file.


◦ This car is created by QCustom.
◦ The sale of this car is strictly prohibited.
◦ Please keep us informed about car-related content.

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