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Lexus LC 500

Here we are with version 2 of the LC500. Adding a lot of new features!
Spawn the vehicle with a trainer using the model name: lc500
Polygons: 193,605
Vertices: 171,966

FiveM Installation:
– place the lc500 folder into your server’s resources.
– Then in your Server or Resource cfg do start or ensure “lc500”

SP Installation:
Add the “lc500” folder to mods -> update -> x64 -> dlcpacks
then add
platform:->dlcPacks->lc500-> to dlclist.

– Breakable and Tintable Glass.
– Working Dials.
– 25 Vehicle Modifications
– And Finally a Template!

With the launch of Version 2 of the LC500, there are currently no plans for updates.
I will fix bugs if they arise but other than that I’d say this project is about done.

All work was done by myself.

We did most of the work on it live @

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