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Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R

Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R Car Mod for GTA5

I’d be happy if you like what I make and I really appreciate it if you’re willing to support what I’m doing.
Subscribe to my Patreon, get all my private mods along with the 3D models of the car I built as rewards and make request too if you’d like to.
You can also donate to my Paypal and get the same rewards.
Either way you’ll get VIP access in my Discord server.

3D Model of this car is available for download at my Patreon page.

YES, I finally release this car mod. For you who have been waiting and wondering, what took me so long? The reason is simple, updates. Since I made the kit in late 2013, converted the car to GTA: SA, GTA: IV, and finally GTA: V, the car have gone through countless amount of updates, I keep adding new things, improve things and so on. Also, I’ve been on and off of this project so I might missed some cases either it’s bugs or game features that didn’t work. Let me know if there is something I should fix, apart from the model it self because I’d rather built a new one from FH3 than updating this.


  • Base model: Forza Horizon
  • Body kit: hndsyrn
  • Spoilers: hndsyrn
  • Engine: hndsyrn
  • Door sills: hndsyrn
  • Tire model: hndsyrn
  • Tire textures: hndsyrn
  • Work VSXX: hndsyrn
  • Forgiato Maglia: NFS Rivals
  • Seats: Project CARS
  • LW Liveries: hndsyrn
  • Red-White Livery: hndsyrn
  • RMSTR Livery: Sad Machines


  • Standard features (light works, glass breaks, glass tints, dials works, dirt mapped, etc)
  • HQ Exterior
  • HQ Interior
  • Fully mapped body and windows
  • Livery support
  • UV Map included
  • Available in camber and normal
  • 34 Tuning parts
  • 8 Liveries
  • 2 Windows decals
  • Paint 1: Body
  • Paint 2: Rollcage
  • Paint 4: Rims


Installation instructions in ReadMe!.txt.
This mod is addon only, if you want to replace vanilla cars, extract the files from the dlc.rpf inside lwgtr folder.


  • LWGTR for standard version
  • LWGTR2 for camber version

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