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Maserati GranTursimo S Forza Edition

I’m back with a mod I never thought I would make, because making these real car mods is annoying and takes alot time. So all yall that create these back to back you have my salutes. Anyway the car features every thing that a standard GTA car has. Also model is unlock so if you wanna make any changes or adjustments you can. To install, you would install it like any other addon car, look on YouTube for a tutorial

Correct Collisions
Tintable Windows
Working Lights
Breakable Glass
Dirt Mapped
High Quality Model
Hands On SteeringWheel
RollCage is a extra
Working Dials

Minor Bugs:
The stock wheels are wobbly are bit, I tried my best to fixed it but I can’t figured it out.
Glass is one sided on the interior
tinting will tint parts of the dash glass and headlights

Shckwve – Porting,Model Edits,Textures Edits
Turn 10/Xbox – Forza,Models,Textures – extracting the model and textures

That should be all, enjoy!

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