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Mercedes Benz CLA 45s AMG

First of all.. a big thanks and shoot out to my friend Karimovsfx for letting me use his CLA 45 s as base for this mod! Without him, this wouldn’t be possible

Download the CLA 45s :

2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA 45s AMG [HQ/Replace/Livery/Add-on]

Model: Karimovsfx and Sanjarbek555
Convert to V: Sanjarbek555
Add-on: karimovsfx
Screens: Sanjarbek555
4K Template: Sanjarbek555
Liveries: Sanjarbek555


Version 1.0:
– HQ Exterior, Interior & Engine
– HQ Materials
– 5 diffefrent paint options:
• Paint 1: body
• Paint 2: brake calipers
• Paint 4: Wheels (only via trainer)
• Paint 6: Interior parts (stitch, perforated leather etc) and a part of front bumper (Bennys mod shop via trainer)
• Paint 7: emissive dash (Bennys mod shop via trainer)
– Door mirrors fall off by a hard collision (new feature!)
– 1 Extras: front license plate,
– Front license plate fall off by any collision
– Working lights
– Indicators OFF – white / indicators ON – orange
– Dashboard lights (you can turn on & off) (Bennys mod shop via trainer)
– Working steeringwheel and dials
– Standard GTA 5 license plates
– Breakable windows (with dirt and cracks on it)
– HQ Panorama mirror reflections
– Correct door opening
– Bullet impact
– Inner side of body, bumpers & rims
– Textured undercarriage
– Correct window tint (no tint on lights & windscreen)
– window badges
– Hands on steeringwheel
– Correct seat position for all 4 peds
– Correct exhaust smoke position
– Correct neon lights position
– Correct platelight position
– 6 liveries options

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