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Pegassi Toros Rework/Facelift

Hello! This is my first “project” I did in Blender, with Sollumz extension. I was tired of the old Toros being “unusable” in my & my friends opinions.
So what I did is not groundbreaking, I know, but it made me actually love the car, as the grey texture at the bottom of the doors, around the fenders and in the doorjams were not the prettiest sight to look at, as well as the humongous chrome wheels.

– made the grey texture at the doorjams, fenders, doors & rear diffusor in primary color and/or carbon(rear diffusor)
– took the wheels from Albany VSTR, made them bigger and wider
– changed the textures for headlights and taillights
– changed the handling of the vehicle and made it capable in both offroad and road, depends on how you like it
– changed the sound to something that does not sound like a vacuum cleaner
– probably some small changes I forgot to mention

– None that I know of

Installation instructions add-on singleplayer:
– place ‘toros2’ folder in mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
– add this line ‘dlcpacks:/toros2/’ in dlclist.xml

Installation fivem:
– Just put it into your resources file in your fivem server
– Do not forget to ensure the resource in your server config! “ensure toros2”

If you have any cars you would like reworked etc. let me know. I have a few in mind, but can never be too sure what to do next, haha.

Version Update:

1.1 – Initial Release
1.2 – Fixed (hopefully) Add-On for Singleplayer

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