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Pfister Comet S2 CUP


  1. copy the cometcup folder to:update/x64/dlcpacks
  2. In the update.rpf go to /common/data

edit the dlclist.xml to dlcpacks:/cometcup/


  1. copy the comets2cup folder into your resources folder
  2. edit resources.cfg and add the line start comets2cup

spawn name: cometcup


-mod & porting PaddyProductions
-badge silentsoul21
-wheel textures Jam
-sound LamboFreak
-Pictures PaddyProductions
-Pictures wooksen


livery 1 PaddyProductions
livery 2 PaddyProductions
livery 3 PaddyProductions
livery 4 PaddyProductions
livery 5 PaddyProductions
livery 6 PaddyProductions
livery 7 PaddyProductions
livery 8 IamBennyBoy
livery 9 Sangckrona
livery 10 PaddyProductions
livery 11 IamBennyBoy
livery 12 Dayashii
livery 13 IamBennyBoy
livery 14 IamBennyBoy
livery 15 PaddyProductions
livery 16 Dayashii
livery 17 IamBennyBoy
livery 18 PaddyProductions
livery 19 Big Zeta
livery 20 Big Zeta

–Final Credits–

my favourite irl Cup car.
i needed it, so here it is ^^

Feel free to use this car on any FiveM server or whatever
adding/changing liveries is allowed

Your not allowed to reupload/sell this car without my permission.
Any modding of the car is also forbidden without my permission.

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