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Police Invetero Coquette

Important information regarding the sound of the car!:
If you want to have police sounds, you need to use the appropriate modification or change the audioNameHash in vehicles.meta from coquette for example on police2

The vehicle has several features that I have not seen anywhere on this model:
– CallSign on the roof as tuning parts – Call Sign System,
– All police lights are extras,
– Tuning,
– Custom Handling,
– Possible change of rim color,
– Removable roof,
– Spotlights,
– Antenna.


Spawn name: nkcoquette
Siren Settings: 3164

If you want to install a mod for FiveM you have two ways, Globbing/Merge and the classic Addon way. To make the vehicle work just move the folder to resources then go into server.cfg and type ensure nkcoquette.

Installation for Singleplayer:

1. Place ‘nkcoquette’ folder to mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
2. Edit ‘dlclist.xml’ from mods/update/update.rpf/common/data
3. Add this line to dlcpacks:/nkcoquette/
4. Save.

If you would like to do a Call Sign System and are having trouble with it, write to me, we’ll figure it out.

– Rockstar Games – Original model,
– noisiak – Model edits, UV Mapping, Handling, Call Sign System, Vehicle Painting, Antennas, everything else
– ukeyS – Awesome screenshots.

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