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Progen Ares GT


1. copy the ares folder to:update/x64/dlcpacks

2. In the update.rpf go to /common/data

edit the dlclist.xml to dlcpacks:/ares/


1. copy the progen_ares folder into your resources folder

2. edit resources.cfg and add the line start progen_ares

spawn name: ares


-mod & porting me
-wheels Jam
-Pictures Gtaphotosig


livery 1 me
livery 2 me
livery 3 Big Zeta
livery 4 me
livery 5 me
livery 6 me
livery 7 me

–Final Credits–

new GT car coming to the GT lineup.
hopefully soon i can do more GT cars ^^

Feel free to use this car on any FiveM server or whatever
adding/changing liveries is allowed

Your not allowed to reupload/sell this car without my permission.
Any modding of the car is also forbidden without my permission.

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