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Progen Tyrus improved

My third public release.
A improved version of the original Progen Tyrus. The edits cover all L0-L4.
More screenshots is coming
— All suspension on the left side is a part of the chassis, so they don’t move with wheels.
— Right front wheel is wider than left front wheel.
— Wrong corona position for headlight.
— Missing L3 wheel model.
— Center of mass issue.

— DRL added.
— Rear wheels are slightly bigger to make them looks visually the same.
— Thin front wheels, and wide on rear.
— Make rear wheel inside the rear wing.
— Extra foglights.
— Higher suspension.
— Camber and castor because I like it.

— 1.0 Initial release

Rockstar Games: Model and vehicle components

Known Bug:
The corona on the middle brakelight will disappear.

To install this car:
— Paste the ‘dlc_tyrusi’ folder to mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks
— Edit dlclist.xml (mods > update > update.rpf > common > data > dlclist.xml)
— Add this line: “dlcpacks:\dlc_tyrusi\” at the end

Spawn name: tyrusi.
DO NOT use this model on GTAOnline!
You get auto permission using it on your fiveM server, but please tell me after
doing that.

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