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Rhino Improved [Replace] [working MG and GRENADE LAUNCHER]

This edit will change the appearence of the rhino tank and adds a machinegun and smoke grenadelauncher on top of the tank.

Use the .iov to install all the data stuff, place the rhino files of the map Rhino, in a dlc of your choice. as long as they placed in a vehicles.rpf archive.
If you have other carmods installed you can add these files with the other carmods vehicles.rpf

if no other carmods installed that overwrite the original cars, use the dlc version. it will add a dlc with the rhino files in it.

Model is original Rockstar Games, modified for GTAV and changed by F5544.
Thanks to FoxtrotDelta for looking in his info to learn how to add a Machinegun to the tank.

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