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Rockport Police Department Vehicle Pack

Finally the day has come to throw away any free time you have in your life!

The Rockport Police Department has exported us their beloved vehicles so we can chase these criminals in style!

Los Santos Police Departments newest addition to their car fleet will include:

– Police Cruiser (Heat 1)
– Police Cruiser Unmarked (Heat 2)
– Police Pontiac GTO (Heat 3)
– Police Pontiac GTO Unmarked (Heat 4)
– Federal Police Unit Chevrolet Corvette (Heat 5)
– Federal Police Unit Unmarked Chevrolet Corvette (Heat 6)
– Cross’s Chevrolet Corvette C6
– Cross’s Chevrolet Corvette C6.R (Intro)
– Police Rhino Heavy
– Police Rhino Light

Now the criminals need to look after themselfs on the street!

Includes external siren pack for authentic chases (only singleplayer)
This pack comes as dlc.rpf

Installation guides for FiveM can be found on google

!! Instalaltion guides are included as .txt in the pack for both the dlc.rpf as the extra sirens pack (originally included by PSource) !!

All credits go to my good friend and mentor PSource ( for remaking all the interior and exterior models, giving me advices on how to model/ working on car mods for myself.
A few credits to me for working on some liverys making them look extra authentic like they were in 05’s NFS MW.

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