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SADFW Declasse Alamo

Got my hand on ZModeler and thought it would be fun to make stuff to learn how to use it. I think the titles is already a great description of what this is.


– OpenIV
– IF the emergency lights appear to be glitched or not working, use
– IF the game crashes, use or any other custom gameconfig


1.0 – Release


GCT for Short Granger Original Model
IlayArye for UV Mapping, Model Conversion, Wheels, Bumper
Jacobmaate for Boot model edits, Vanilla style Code 3 21TR, Improved LED emissive textures
11john11 for the interior console, antennas, various improvements to the alamo
RooST4R for the Alamo rim base model
Eddlm for the Handling
Nachtfliege for the Vanilla style Code 3 21TR, SADFW decals, Roof spotlight, interior console
Skitty for the interior console
Jerry for the thumbnail

Have a nice day 🙂

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