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San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP)

Hey guys, this is my own take on a lore-friendly San Andreas Highway Patrol, which goes along nicely with 11john11’s new SA Policing Overhaul (coming soon)

This pack includes 7 vehicles with different lighting setups (slicktop, Liberty, Vector) as well as black/white and polar bear liveries. The peds are made to go well with the vehicles and replace the original SAHP ped and add some more.

One more thing to say: This is in no way supposed to be a 1:1 faithful recreation of the CHP. I just wanted to do something I think R* would’ve added as an agency with my own little twist on it.

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SAHP Stanier – hwaycar
SAHP Buffalo SX – hwaycar2
SAHP Alamo – hwaycar3
SAHP Scout – hwaycar4
SAHP unmarked Buffalo SX – hwaycar5
SAHP Wintergreen – policeb
SAHP Maverick – hwaymav

SAHP motor cop – s_m_y_hwaycop_01
SAHP beat cop – s_m_y_hwaycop_02
SAHP pilot – s_m_y_hwaypilot_01
SAHP task force – s_m_y_hwaytf_01

Weapon Limit Adjuster is required for this pack to work.


  1. Start OpenIV.
  2. Navigate to the mods folder
  3. Move the provided folder (hwaycops folder) inside:


  1. Locate ‘dlclist.xml’:


  1. Open it and add the following line to the bottom:


  1. If done correctly, the mod should be ready to use.

Stanier – Fenton, 11john11, Nacho, weeby
Buffalo SX – daerius, Xana, Nacho, Han’SGarage, 11john11
Alamo – Ilay, MMTGarage, Nacho, 11john11
Scout – GCT, Dani02, Nacho, 11john11
Wintergreen – weeby, Nacho
Maverick – weeby, Nacho
Peds – Nacho
Handling – Eddlm
Soundbanks – weeby
Screenshots – bajo jajo, reyox

Use this mod as you wish, dont use any assets included for your own profit.

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