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The Expanse – Amun-Ra Class Stealth Frigate – The Hidden One

// The Expanse – Amun-Ra Class Stealth Frigate – The Hidden One

// Commissioned by the Protogen Corporation and later on honorably collaborated with Jules-Pierre Mao and in collaboration with The Expanse Team 🌠✨

// The ship currently marked for cannibalization to aid in the construction of further fully functional vessels.
// As such, the ship’s main Fusion Drive has been removed therefore it is unable to fly. Currently serving as a non-functional Testbed.

// The current classifications are classified and can tell you only this much since we are under close watch by Chrisjen Avasarala who was tipped by a confidential informant.

// Kindly asking you to bear with us until the functional ships will be built, as we are doing our best to stay under the budget while creating a Space Combat Vessel far ahead of her time with the most sophisticated cutting
edge combat and stealth technologies.

// Me personally do believe you deserve some sneaky peek-a-boo so here are the planned features for the further functional ships;

– Fully functional Black Ops Hypercooled Epstein Fusion Drive.
– Internally-Mounted S-24 Khopesh Light Railgun capable of punching through any target. Will be mounted to her spine as fixed angle and will only fire forward with small guidance capability.
// If fired within the Hammer-Lock, the craft that is fired upon will be near instantly disintegrated.
– 2x concealed Rapid-Reload Torpedo Bays.
– High-Speed & Extreme-Range Space Torpedoes equipped with most advanced and sophisticated Guidance Systems and numerous Re-Attack Patterns.
/// If fired within the Hammer-Lock, the craft that is fired upon will not be able to dodge the torpedo.
/// If fired outside the Hammer-Lock, the engaged craft might be able to dodge it out of Delta-V. Will have no effect if a successful Re-Attack Pattern executed.
– Over the Horizon Dradis IFF Radar and IR/EM Spectrum Ladar with long range Target Acquisition capable of targetting any air and space craft at an impressive range.
– 4x Hypercooled Point Defense Cannons that excels at CQB and can fire without ever overheating.
– 9x Prototype Black Ops Breaching Pods can also be used as Escape Pods in the event of an emergency.

// Features that will not be implemented; and why;

– Self Destruct. ; Not going to have my favorite ship destroyed because of your sloppiness!!
– Khonsu Class Stealth Shuttle ; Will not be needed forward scout as the mothership will already be equipped with Dradis Radar improved with De-Cloaking Deep Scanner.
– High crew capacity. ; Will be built and designed to run with minimal crew capacity.
– Unable to be locked on. ; That’s not how Stealth Composite work ..
– MedLab. ; This is a combat vessel, not a pleasure yacht…

// True origins of the technologies will not be disclosed. ( Would you even believe me If I would have said they are discovered from the Protomolecule?? )
// Planned features are subject to change.

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