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Togg Sedan

Credits :
Gta San Andreas : MertAydnnn
Some Errors And Additions Made Engine etc.3D : OkanKarali
Gta 5 Convert : OkanKarali
Interior Model and Some Models Added 3D : OkanKarali


Yeniden Duzenlenen :

arac cam citalari yenilendi, jantlari yenilendi, arka stoplar yeniden duzenlendi, plaka eklendi, Add-on Eklendi, tanponlar yenilendi.

Add-On Tavsiye Edilir.

Kurulum ivin gerekenler ayrintili talimatlar arsivdedir.

Daha Fazlasi :


Normally, the Togg Suv Concept vehicle has been translated to Togg Tx10 with some minor changes and some minor parts have been added.

All ultra detailed instructions to install is in archive.

Rearranged :

vehicle window trims have been renewed, rims have been renewed, rear lights have been rearranged, license plate has been added, Add-on has been added, bumpers have been renewed.

More :

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