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Transformers Mega Pack – GTA V


Bumblebee (2007) Fixed

Bumblebee (ROFT)
Skids (ROFT)
Mudflap (ROFT)
Chromia (ROFT)
Arcee (ROFT)
Elita-One (ROFT)
Sideswipe (ROFT)
Dirt Boss (ROFT)
Wheelie (ROFT)

Bumblebee (DOTM)
Ratchet (DOTM)
Dino (DOTM)
Soundwave (DOTM)
Wheeljack (DOTM)
Leadfoot (DOTM)
Roadbuster (DOTM)
Topspin (DOTM)

Read the document before installing

To install the mod:
Grand Theft Auto V/ menyooStuff/ vehicle.

Credits to IUaena/M4K3/SAS994/harithd <3

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