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Vapid Clique Deluxe

Before it got resto-modded, gift-wrapped, and bundled up around a lightpole after a Christmas party gone wrong, it kickstarted Vapid’s heart and gave the working man a chance to ride into the post-war world in something less demanding than a tanker and smaller than a tank. Support a local car company⁠—join a country-wide free-wheeling clique.

Rockstar being themselves, gave us a heavily modified version of a 1951 Ford Coupe. This was remedied in 2018 by Chum, who created a stock version. Unfortunately, that mod stopped working and was no longer being updated. This was originally going to be only a revival of that mod, but has turned into something much more. Of course, this mod wouldn’t have been possible without Chum’s permission and for that, I thank him for letting this become a reality. So, after a long three years, here’s your proper Vapid Clique.

Update 1.5:
– New handling by Eddlm
– New spawn colors

– Tuning
– Liveries
– LODs (yay!)
– Full vanilla features

1. Take the “clique2” folder from the archive and place it into mods/udpdate/x64/dlcpacks
2. Copy the line “dlcpacks:/clique2/” into your dlclist.xml which is located in mods/update/update.rpf/common/data

Rockstar Games – Original Clique
Patão_Innertubey – Original stock Clique mod from 2018
WibFlip – Tuning, model edits
Direct_UA – LODs, liveries
AbsolutelyHalal, sirstirfry, helios.exe – Liveries
Dnero, milo, Driver, ItsJustCurtis, (Ambient), Arthonard – Photos
MyCrystals! – Description

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