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Vapid Scout Police

Original model:
2020 Vapid Police Cruiser Utility
Vapid Scout 2020 [Add-On | Soundbank | LODs]

– CallSign system on roof as tuning parts
– All lights are extras
– LOD’s
– Dirt mapping
– Livery mapping
– Breakable windows
– Custom handling
– Primary color is on front and back and secondary color is on doors and roof

Spawn Name
– polscout2

Gabriele Cappellano – original sketch
– Da7k – 3D model
– Nacho – 3D model – porting, assets, mapping, bugfixes
– Dani02 – bugfixes, glass shards
– 11john11 – model improvements, dlcpack, police rims, interior assets
– Skysder – carvariations
– Voit Turyv – lightbar
– loshka – Livery
– Aquaphobic – sound Ford Explorer/Taurus Ecoboost V6 Engine Sound [OIV Add On / FiveM | Sound]
– Eddie – screenshots

Installation instructions:
put polscout2 folder in your resource folder
add “start polscout2” to server.cfg

put “polscout2” in mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/*here*
add this line “dlcpacks:/polscout2/” in mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/dlc.list

Every resource has own installation instruction in zip file.

Instruction how to change/ add new liveries which are in yft files Google Docs

If there are any credits missing or incorrect please notify me

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