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Vapid Scout Redux

The hottest American SUV of the early 2010’s is back with a refresh. The Vapid Scout has been given a quality of life update with a new interior, updated looks, and a new set of wheels. The resulting product is a proudly American-made SUV that aims to meet the same quality standards set by Rockstar Games in more recent updates.

What it comes with:
-Paintable grille and wheels
-All standard GTA features supported
-Updated exterior design

Installation: Drop txscout in your mods folder and add txscout to your dlclist.

Disclaimers: This mod requires your game be updated to the San Andreas Mercenaries update. Support will not be provided if you’re using a pirated copy of the game. At time of release, the game is currently 14.99 USD on the Steam store. It’s 2023, there is no excuse.

FiveM usage is permitted, but credit must be provided in a publicly available location if you use this on your FiveM server. Monetization of this item (using real currency) is not permitted in any form. Doing so may result in disciplinary actions involving and myself.

actuallyTOXIC – Rescaling model size, various half-assed edits, new template, new headlights
AlyxandraVance – Even more half-assed model edits, modkit, carvariations, paintable grille, screenshots, custom handling
Criterion – Original FPIU Concept model (NFS:MW 2012)
Rockstar Games – Textures and assorted vehicle parts
GCT – NFS:MW Model Conversion to GTA IV
Dani02 – Conversion to GTA V
Vx5 Voltage – Improvements
Allen – General harassment and improvements
AlexanderLB: Badges
Jacobmaate – New dash fitted to model, model improvements
Victor Vega – Cover screenshot

Modification: If you wish to modify this model, directly message me on Discord @alyxandravance.
I will provide a z3d file for you to make your edits as you please. Do not edit the base model, do not unlock the base model. An updated law enforcement variant will be made available at a later time using this model.
By using this mod, you agree not to make modifications without requesting the model file from me.
This mod is only to be available on, if it is found anywhere else, it has most likely been stolen and appropriate action will be taken.
For more high-quality lore-friendly assets, visit the Patreon link in the readme file included with the mod.

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