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Weeny Brisket

Never have you ever seen a happer car. Just such a jolly little thing to come out of the late fifties. The Weeny Brisket is a well known car for being the tiny roadster that Jay Kenny drove in the hit 1960’s series “The Ever Bunch”. It is a car that is sure to bring joy to whoever sees it driving around.

Feel free to use these cars on your FiveM servers if you can make them work on there yourself. I will not make a FiveM addon. And do under no circumstances sell this mod.
If you wish to modify this mod, please ask beforehand

irl cars it is based on: Austin Healey Sprite MK1 and Sprite 3000

If the stock hood is used, when fallen off, it will revert all modparts that move with it to stock on the fallen off hood. If a custom hood is used, the parts will disappear when fallen off.

unpack the .zip file and drag the brisket folder into your mods folder
add the line:
to dlclist.xml in update.rpf in the mods folder

brisket – Stock model
brisket2 – Rallye model
brisket3 – Gasser model

Smukkeunger aka me: modelling, porting, liveries etc.
bsquicklehausen: multiple parts from the Maxwell Mark 1 such as bumpers, seats, engine and more
Dani02: Dirtmap and rigged suspension
Tepig: Sound for stock and Rallye version
Eddlm: Handlings for Stock and Rallye version
Skysder: Carvariations
Cataleast: Liveries
Big Zeta: Liveries
darkk: Pictures
Sirocc: Picture
xnpuheva: Pictures
AnnisSavestra: Picture

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