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Western Annihilator Executive

Based on VH-60N Marine One.

Includes 2 liveries
Classic Marine One “White Top” VH-60N Livery and Marine Corps UH-60N “Green Top” Livery

New passenger interior
with 6 seats, tables, televisions & functional lighting (press E to activate lighting)

Can carry 8 people
1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, 6 rear passengers

2 models
One with folding doors/passenger entry on one side (true to real life VH-60N Marine One). One with sliding doors/passenger entry on both sides (true to real life UH-60N). Whichever you prefer, both models include both liveries

– Bullet resistant windows and able to withstand one direct missile


Any bugs please let me know in the comments


RiME for the folding rear doors, added passenger seats, interior lighting & various coding
IlayArye for the Mapped Annihilator template
Yard1 for the unarmed Annihilator model

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