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Willard Paradox

Before you stands the one Willard you won’t burn out of boredom or split in two over the slightest of potholes. One could say it’s an anomaly, but we prefer to call it a Paradox. Drop the top or keep the lid on your muscle-powered excitement – the shame is the limit.

Feel free to use these cars on your FiveM servers if you can make them work on there yourself. I will not make a FiveM addon. And do under no circumstances sell this mod

unpack the .zip file and drag the paradox folder into your mods folder
add the line:
to dlclist.xml in update.rpf in the mods folder

Spawn-name: paradox & paradox2

Smukkeunger: Designing, modelling, liverymap, porting, handling edits
Dani02: dirtmap, handlings, model & porting fixes, suspension rigging, shards, vertex paint
Rockstar Games: Interior, engine and suspension original geometry
Vanilla Works Community: feedback and suggestions
MyCrystals!: description
Skysder: Carvariations
AnnisSavestra: pictures
Dnero: pictures

Livery Credits:
Smukkeunger & Big Zeta

Hotring Livery Credits:
heliosaxitro: Ecola #13, Autocare #30, Strokemaster #25, Period Rags #32, Billy Ray Joe #8, Willard #86
Sangckrona: Heavy Flow #97, Halt Brake Fluid #4, Plain #35
Skysder: Coverup – Colorcar #23, Terroil #61
Smukkeunger: Ron Oil #77, Pure Lube #51, Funcola #45, Echo Rock #56, Bufties #1, 69 Brand #69,

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