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Zlayworks Nissan Skyline R34 “GT-Z”

Hello! I know it’s been some time

Anyway here’s my take on an R34 Skyline.
Literally Everything is custom about this car. The Widebody was designed and modeled by me, I swapped in a fully animated VR38DETT from an R35 GT-R, put some top mount Turbos on and made the Dashboard to go with it. Yes, when I say fully animated I mean fully animated. Everything from the Turbos down to the Timing Chain is moving. Also the Gauges in the Dashboard Display also function.

If you have been following my work, you will know that this car isn’t exactly new. I finished it almost 2 years ago and released it on my Patreon. That means I will try my best to credit everyone who has been involved in this project in any way.

Installation is like any other Addon Mod. If you do not spawn it with the -xml file i have provided within the Zip, make sure to go to Benny’s section and add everything available. Otherwise the Engine won’t have any animations!

From what I remember so far,
-Base Model from Forza
-The Sound Mod included in this Add-On was made by LamboFreak for his Elegy RH8-X
-Most of the Pictures were taken by my buddy Brad
-I remember Cereal helping me with the first convert and also provided some bits used in the Engine Bay

If you was involved in this project and feel like i forgot to credit you, send me a DM!

This car will mark my last Release here on
If you have been following my builds from the beginning I want to thank you very much!
That being said, I still create custom cars for GTA 5 and fiveM, If you want to support my Work and get access to newer Releases, you should subscribe to my Patreon over here:

I’m releasing 1 Custom Car per month for my Patrons, show Work-in-Progress pictures on my Discord and Live Stream Zmodeler Sessions on my Youtube. So be sure to join me on my journey!

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